Shay penguin is 600 days old! party coming up!

hi everyone its shay! i will be having a party when my penguin turns 600 days old! yay! i will have some info on a video i will post a video premiering my video! the party with be on the 20th when i record the first episode of CPZ! katey wont be in the first episode because she is out of town currently, and i dont when she will be back! she hasn't been in class all week! ;) but i hope she comes in time! i need to have my sister at the party!

breaking news! bots spoted on clubpenguin!!

bots spoted on cp saying shay rocks!

listen up club penguin!bots have been spoted on clubpenguin thats right! if you dont know what a bot is ill tell you! a bot is a third party cheat which is actualy against the rules! but anyway they say the same things walk the same way and do everything the same! and i asked then to say shay rocks! and they did this is the image! and of course they said it because well, shay rocks! as if we dont know LOL!

Shay and katey's official wesite for CPZ!

hey everyone! its us! and this is the place to be if your a fan or a fellow penguin!

I have some info on when were gonna record the latest episode of CPZ! don't  miss it! its your chance to be seen on YouTube!

server: northpole
time: 5:00 pm CP official time!
date: december 20th 2008
Location: iceberg!

don't miss it! ill be recording live! and me AND katey will be there! hopefully if we don't have homework! ;) WE LOVE YOU!

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