About shay...

Oldest item:

My oldest item is the black bandana with the skull on it and my oldest item since i became a member is the light blue dress with the little flower

Hobbies: i just like to chat with people on clubpenguin im a very social person, im so much interested in the games and stuff i just like to talk! its all i can do!

Favorite game on CP: my favorite game on clubpenguin right now is card jitsu because im a ninja and its like so much fun! i love going in the secret ninja room! but ill post a picture of the ninja room later when you a ninja!! ;)

About CPZ: well i havnt recorded the first episode for CPZ yet because katey and i are really busy because we have so much homework (we go to the same school) and sometimes she cant come but! we will be filming the first episode on the 20th this month! (thats december) but other then that im just gonna keep filming the shay coffee show!

Home: i mostly live in northpole right now i like to hang out with like bluzzzy and people like that! me and bluzzzy were not like "buddies" but were friends cuz her list is like full you know? but yeah my favorite place to go is ninja room and the iceberg because they are like secret rooms! (im a fan of secrets ;)

Style: well i would say my style is bluzzzy style if you know what i mean? but i like the blond pony tail wig here are some of the things i wear a lot!

The many styles of shay...

My friends: my best friends on clubpenguin are apples2009,gems96, adcde, and definitly jenna late! and of course Katey coffee and Alex coffee (who i am currently mad at) and my all time bff on clubpenguin and off gooober8!