Here are some hidden items and other cheats you can do on club penguin!

Penguin style for December!all hidden items!

Cheat of the week!

ok everyone i have like the coolest cheat ever! walking on walls...

1) go on internet explorer7! if you dont have that you cant do this!
2)go to the town
3) stand near the side of the gift shop
4) go to the botton right corner of your screen, you should see a little button that says 100% click on that and go to custom!
5) zoom in about 800%
6) scroll down until you see the night club
7) then click on where you want to go and darg our mouse the the white half of the screen!
8) wait. you should see a large zoomed in verion of your penguin standing on the place you clicked
9) zoom out! and your on the roof!